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Orpington PCN is a large PCN covering approximately 62,000 patients.

As a result, the PCN has the advantage of being able to operate at scale to provide additional healthcare professionals for patients to be treated by.

The PCN also provides additional services such as a wellbeing café for older residents, held alternate Thursdays at Orpington Methodist Church. The PCN provides additional capacity for ‘eConsults’ (online consultations) which are reviewed and actioned by a local GP.

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What is a Primary Care Network?

GP practices across the country are organised into Primary Care Networks (PCNs). A primary care network brings together health and social care services for patients in a local area of between 30-60,000 people. They have been around since 2019 and 99% of practices across England now work as a part of one.

With increased demand and a shortage of clinical staff, practices find they can provide greater, more personalised care for patients when they can work together on certain services or issues.

Watch a short video that explains the concept of PCNs and how this new way of working enables health services to work together to provide better patient access.

Meet our Team

The full list of additional roles are listed. These are in addition to the GP practice staff, but work within the GP team and have full access to GP records to enable them to work seamlessly with the GP team.

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Meet the team